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What Does Bounce Rate Mean In Google Analytics?

what does bounce rate mean

Summary: When people open up Google analytics one of the first questions they ask me is “What does bounce rate mean?”. As Google continues to put more weight on user engagement it is critical that you understand what “bounce rate” is, how to lower bounce rate and what is the average

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Webinar Tools & Strategies That Sell – With Geoff Ronnning

webinar tools

Links: Check out for Geoff Ronning’s tips on when to schedule your webinars to achieve an 80% show up rate. Take a look at my favourite webinar tool at (created by Geoff Ronning) To take a look at Frank Kern’s work, see Transcript: Webinar Tools & Strategies That Sell

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How I Kept My Website Budget Under $1000 For This Site

website budget

Summary: In this Episode of the Entrepreneur Ignited Podcast, I’m going to reveal my website budget breakdown and how I kept it to less than $1000 when I built this website. This episode it packed with killer tips and tools you can start using to create incredible websites on the cheap!

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Paul Colligan reveals how to use podcasting to grow any business

How To Market Your Podcast

Summary: In this episode of the Entrepreneur Ignited podcast, Derek interviews podcasting authority & podcast marketing expert Paul Colligan. Paul shares his thoughts on how podcasts have changed, how audiences have changed, how easy it is today to put together a great podcast, and how to market your podcast. Links:

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An Digital Business & Online Marketing Podcast For EVERYONE

online marketing podcast

Transcript: Hi! This is Derek Gehl, host of the Entrepreneur Ignited podcast. I want to welcome you to our very first episode of what I intend to become the best podcast for digital entrepreneurs and the very best online marketing podcast. To kick things off, I want to answer the question

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