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How to instantly convert your site to mobile…

by Derek Gehl0

A friend of mind showed me a tool today that’s pretty cool and I thought I’d pass it along… It basically takes any website and instantly converts it to a mobile friendly design, displays it on a virtual iPhone and compared to hiring a designer to redo your site it’s

Setting Up A Facebook Page… What I Learned (Painfully) Along The Way.

by Derek Gehl4

So I hit my 5000 friend max a while ago, which meant it was time to take advantage of the relatively new feature in Facebook that allows you to turn your personal profile into a Facebook page, making it more of a functional business tool by taking the cap off

Adwords – Broad Match With ‘Modifier’…

by Derek Gehl0

I may be a little late to the game on this one since it looks like it has been around for a few months but I thought I would post this anyway… It looks like Google Adwords has added another handy “keyword matching” option that splits the difference between “broad

4 Fatal Mistakes On Groupon Marketing

by Derek Gehl3

Groupon is a huge success story. In fact it was recently valued at $25 billion which is way too high in my books but I am not going to debate ‘valuation’ in this post… I will save that one for later 🙂 Today I want to get a little rant

Google changes their SERP… again.

by Derek Gehl3

Looks like Google is at it again with more changes to the SERP (Search Engines Results Page). If you have ever optimized for a major brand you are now competing on a SERP that may look like this: This takes up almost the entire page! So for all of those

Google’s Motto: “Don’t Be Evil.” What a load of horse pucky!

by Derek Gehl8

Over the past year Google has been suspending and in many cases outright banning Adwords accounts left, right and center. And in 100% of the cases, when the advertiser seeks clarification as to why they were banned they’re sent a canned email outlining ‘possible causes’ which are so vague/general that

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