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How To Hire A Virtual Assistant The Right Way – With Nathan Hirsch

Summary: Virtual assistants and remote employees are the key to scaling your digital business with minimal cost while still maintaining your freedom. In this episode, Nathan Hirsch, digital entrepreneur and founder of, shares the strategies you need to know to hire, manage and retain the top virtual talent online. Links: Ways to communicate with your virtual team: Whatsapp
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#AskDerek: How To Outsource Web Design Successfully

Summary: In this episode of Ask Derek, we tackle some huge questions for those of us getting started with outsourcing our designers and developers. How do I hire a website designer? How do I hire a web developer? Learning how to outsource web design and to manage your employees in an effective way takes time, but Derek has a few hard-and-fast rules
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Outsourcing Tips For Digital Entrepreneurs with Derek Gehl

Summary: In this episode I’m going to conduct outsourcing training where I will share my top five outsourcing tips to successfully outsourcing your business,whether you’re just starting out or you’re already growing a digital empire. Included are the rules I never break and everything I’ve learned about methods of payment, how to hire the right people, how to communicate and
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How To Outsource Your Business And Life with Monty Hooke

Summary: Monty Hooke learned the hard way about the difficulties that can come with outsourcing. In this episode, Monty talks about how to outsource your business and life which ultimately led him to create his business, ezyVA, and everything he’s learned about streamlining his outsourcing. Links: Find Monty’s website at Grab Monty’s book at And his co-management company
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3 Fatal Outsourcing Mistakes


Outsourcing Tips Lesson Transcription:

Today I want to give you a quick outsourcing lesson. What prompted me to do this is the number of questions I’ve received lately from students in my Internet Business Accelerator program about outsourcing in Odesk and eLance.
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Are Jobs Obsolete…

I just read a brilliant article on and I wanted to pass it along since it really aligns with my beliefs that entrepreneurship is eventually going to be a safer option than many ‘jobs’ in this rapidly evolving digital world. Check it out and then let me know what you think with a comment below… This article might
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