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How To Make Money On Udemy With Dave Espino

Summary: Dave Espino is an absolute authority on how to make money on Udemy, an incredible training platform that allows you to setup simple courses that generate passive income. Udemy is the perfect space to post information products in the form of courses–videos, slideshows, audio–and to start generating some serious passive income.   Links: Check out and to
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Why I Created This Website And What The Future Holds…

Welcome to my first official post on I know there are other posts on the website, quite a few in fact, but those were simply imported over from my old blog at which I’ve converted in to a static website as I laser focus my attention and efforts on this one. So why did I create this site?
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Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2015

2015 is going to be a big year for the Internet Marketing world. It’s going to be exciting and here’s my top 10 predictions for this year’s Internet Marketing Trends. — WEBINAR TRANSCRIPT– Hi, everyone, Derek here. I wanted to talk about what I see coming in the year ahead in the world of ecommerce and in the world of
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Holy Viral Video Batman…

Killer New Service GUARANTEES Viral Videos

Just saw this on very, very funny.
Sad part is, if it was real they would have line-up of customers drinking their Koolaid a mile long.
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Infographic – The History Of Advertising

Just came across this infographic on the history of advertising put together by they guys at Couple of highlights include… Sears founded direct marketing in 1892 when they sent out 8000 postcards and got 2000 orders (I’d kill for a response rate like that.) In 1941 Bulova watches paid for the first ever TV commercial… for a whopping $9.
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