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#1 Keyword Research Tool Just Got Better…

by Derek Gehl5

I am a huge fan of Market Samurai.

Over the past decade I have used numerous different keyword research tools and for many years WordTracker was my ‘go to’ choice for keyword research.

But when I started using Market Samurai a few years ago I never looked back.

Market Samurai is an incredible tool for keyword research and I honestly don’t think any other product can match the value it provides.

But I am not here to ‘sell’ Market Samurai.

(You can click here to download their free trial to see for yourself)

Instead, I want to let you in on a few new features they just added…

Dirty Secret Of A/B Split Testing Software…

by Derek Gehl5

  There are lots of great A/B Split testing tools at our disposal these days and my favourites include… Google Website Optimizer Vertster Visual Website Optimizer But there’s a HUGE flaw in almost every single one of these tools causing countless Internet marketers to make decisions that could actually be

ReTargeting: How it will increase your sales…

by Derek Gehl1

If you are selling a product online and you’re not using Retargeting, then you are potentially missing out on a bucket of sales. I’ve been using Retargeting in a few different markets with great success over the past six months… when I first started I was actually shocked at how

Get 650+ Backlinks from these Manually Verified FREE Directories…

by Derek Gehl4

  Christmas has come early! I’ve had a member of my team working for two solid weeks sifting through literally thousands of online directories manually verifying their legitimacy and PageRank. What started as a list of thousands has now been paired down to a list of just over 650 directories

Domain Scam… Don’t Trust “Intrust Domains”

by Derek Gehl10

So about two weeks ago I got an email from a company called “Intrust Domains” stating that the domain name “” was going to be coming available through them and since I owned “” they thought I may be interested in placing a bid on the domain name. I was

Demystifying Expiring Domains…

by Derek Gehl0

Tens of thousands of expiring domains become available every single day as current owners let their registrations lapse but most people have no idea how to tap into this massive source of hot domains and are left fighting over the “domain scraps”… So I’ll do my best to demystify the

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