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The Webinar Ninja Reveals The Secret To Selling On Webinars Without Selling

Summary: Omar Zenhom, the founder of Webinar Ninja, reveals how he uses webinars to sell more by selling less while at the same time creating better and happier customers. This is a “must listen” for anyone who is considering using or already using webinars in your business. Links: To find out more about Webinar Ninja: Transcription Episode 72: The
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What Is Marketing Automation & How To Use It – With Jermaine Griggs

Summary: Jermaine Griggs may have been an entrepreneur right from the very beginning, but even a 16 year old piano prodigy had to learn a lot to monetize his business on the Internet. Over the years, Jermaine has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge and strategy that he applies to his businesses every day. In this episode of Entrepreneur Ignited,
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Webinar Tools & Strategies That Sell – With Geoff Ronnning

Links: Check out for Geoff Ronning’s tips on when to schedule your webinars to achieve an 80% show up rate. Take a look at my favourite webinar tool at (created by Geoff Ronning) To take a look at Frank Kern’s work, see Transcript: Webinar Tools & Strategies That Sell – With Geoff Ronning Hi everyone, this is Derek Gehl
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My Top 3 Favourite Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

(So far anyway…  😉 The easiest way to increase the number of people sharing the content on your website is by simply making it easier to share. But despite how painfully obvious this “solution” is, every day I see websites screwing it up. And remember, “social sharing” is now playing a bigger role than just exposing you to new potential
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How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make Your First Sale Online?

Lesson Transcription:

A questions I am frequently asked when my students put up there first website goes something like this...

“How many visitors do I need to get before I make a sale?”

They want to know how much traffic they should expect to get to their site before they make a sale. This is also known as “sales conversion” or the percentage of people who visit the site who will make a purchase. Now this is a damn tough question to answer because there are so many variables that come into play that can be affecting this number...
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