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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks With Email Mastermind Marc Goldman

Summary: In this episode, email marketing expert Marc Goldman shares his email marketing tips & tricks. We talk about images, and what else you should have in your email, like the number of links and how long the body should be; and we get into exactly what will get ESPs to reward you as the sender for respecting their resources with
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10 Gmail Deliverability Tips From Chris Lang

Summary: Chris Lang has been working as an email and gmail deliverability expert for the past few years after losing his traffic to a false-positive phishing blacklist in 2008. Chris has since built up a foolproof empire to ensure that you keep your emails not only out of the spam folder, but out of Gmail’s Promotions tab, too. Did you
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Listing Building Strategies From Nathalie Lussier

Summary: Nathalie Lussier has been building websites since she was 12, and I trust her more than anyone with her knowledge on pop ups and email list building because she has the experience to back it up. Nathalie has launched her 30 day challenge to get people out of their comfort zones, building their lists, and improving their business. In
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10 Email Copywriting Tips To Increase Opens, Clicks and Conversions

Summary: In this episode I share my top ten email copywriting tips–not about what goes into the email, but how to put things into emails. I discuss the optimum lengths for subject lines, paragraphs, even individual line lengths, and tell you why it is that I never use those fancy email layouts that come with most email marketing systems. Links:
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What is a Good Email Open Rate for Marketing Campaigns?

  Lesson Transcript: Today I want to talk about another common question I’m often asked about email marketing. “What is a good email open rate?” Open rate is the percentage of people who open your email. For example, if I send an email to 100 people and 10 of them open it, my open rate is 10% There are all
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Should Your Email Come From a Business or a Person?

Lesson Transcription:

This is a short discussion of another common question: “Should my email come from my business name or from my name?” People want to know if the “from” field and the signature line should be their company name or their own name. Aside from a couple of exceptions...
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